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Jambo - Karibu!
Welcome on the Spice-Island Zanzibar!

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Welcome on my Website!

Zanzibar lies in East-Africa, before the coast of Tanzania in the Indian ocean. A vacation-paradise of the particular type expects you. Look around here on my sites, you will find interesting matters, because Zanzibar has to shape numerous possibilities about a vacation eventful. Recuperation, conversation or adventures and that of everything in tropical surroundings - you have the choice.
It will certainly become an unforgettable voyage of discovery in one of the last paradises and I would be pleased to be able to welcome you here with me.

Issa Hamdu Haji

On my Website, you can discover following:

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Here, you can see where Zanzibar is to be found If you look here in once, you will find something about me
Zanzibar Offers and Possibilities - Holidays with me
If you would like to have information of the island Zanzibar, you are right at this area Look inside here, then you will see offers and some what I can do for you.
Photo-album -gifts - souvenirs
Cast a glance at my on-line-photo-album however. It contains pictures of Zanzibar and the numerous possibilities the vacationers are able to finds here.